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Black Lake

Series 2 - Episode 5



The Black Lake island looks so lovely – wildly beautiful, with glorious woodland and chic accommodation. What a pity the place is so full of ghosts and narcissists and the ridiculous, insufferable Uno, leader of the world’s worst personal development course.

Uno’s idea of persuading everyone to “face up to their demons” is to sleep with the most vulnerable female participants and make fatuous speeches. His latest wheeze is to get the little group – diminished after one of them went missing – to spend time in a creaking, dark, dilapidated, isolated former cholera hospital. That’s just what they need.

In the penultimate double bill of the enjoyably creepy Scandi thriller, the remaining “volunteers” grow increasingly restless and question what really happened to the woman, Josefine, and her daughter, who disappeared the previous year. Surely Uno knows more than he’s letting on?


Uno takes the group to visit a deserted cholera hospital on the other side of the island, and Minnie is certain that she is getting close to the truth. In Swedish.

Cast & Crew

Minnie Karlsson Hedda Stiernstedt
Johan Cedar Filip Berg
Uno Lejon Andre Eriksen
Isabelle Berglund Alida Morberg
Amina Herlitz Bahar Pars
Oscar Leander Daniel Larsson
Agnes Linder Ester Udden
Vincent Manucho David Nzinga
Gittan Manheim Anja Landgre
Lippi Ceder Valter Skarsgard
Elin Hubinette Anna Astrom
Claes Ceder Rico Ronnback
Josefine Malmberg Maja Rung
Maja Malmberg Hilda Holgersson
Luna Karlsson Emilia Samuelsson Baresso
Alex Lundberg Eric Krogh
Director Per Simonsson
Producer Lotta Westberg
Writer Ulf Kvensler
Writer Peter Lindblom
Writer Per Simonsson
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