Series 4 - Episode 2



Carrie Fisher, who played Rob’s mom Mia, is sadly no longer with us. But her character lives on off-screen, bossily sending over Rob’s sister Sydney (Michaela Watkins) to check on his drinking and take her place as the show’s trying transatlantic interloper. It’s another beautifully written, thematically tight episode, where everyone seems to be either measuring their happiness levels against others’ or seeking quick fixes.

Rob Delaney’s (clearly quite lost and depressed) Rob finds himself drawn to Sydney’s Quakerism, while teacher Sharon (Sharon Horgan) worries both about his new-found religiosity and the fact that one of her pupils seems scared of her. Their friend Fran (Ashley Jensen) is also forced to confront her ex Chris’s sexy new girlfriend in one of this show’s many deliciously rude set-pieces. And if being as moving, smart, witty and authentic as ever isn’t enough, we also get to reacquaint ourselves with Rob’s exquisitely obnoxious friend Dave, with a neat subplot involving a Tupperware full of chopped vegetables thrown in for good measure.


Rob's newly religious sister Sidney (Michaela Watkins) visits from the US, and a child's accident at school reveals a surprising teacher-pupil rapport to Sharon. Fran invites Sharon to see her son up close in his revealing new play, while Chris introduces his own guest - his new girlfriend. Comedy, written by and starring Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. An American man and an Irish woman fall in love with each other in London while navigating the choppy waters of their increasingly complicated lives.

Cast & Crew

Sharon Sharon Horgan
Rob Rob Delaney
Fran Ashley Jensen
Chris Mark Bonnar
Sydney Michaela Watkins
Dave Daniel Lapaine
Jeffrey Kai Alexander
Lucien Geoffrey Burton
Mrs Hammond Serena Evans
Tanya Emily Lloyd-Saini
Mrs Hughes Catherine Skinner
Mr Hughes Carl Robins
Pam the Quaker Marty Cruickshank
Jimmy Lance Bremmer
Sam Woody Norman
Frankie Dexter Hyman
Frankie Sonny Hyman
Director Jim O'Hanlon
Executive Producer Richard Allen-Turner
Executive Producer Kara Baker
Executive Producer Jon Thoday
Producer Toby Welch
Writer Rob Delaney
Writer Sharon Horgan
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