Blind Spot

Series 9 - Episode 1 Blind Spot



The body of a young woman who’s been stabbed to death is discovered on a reeking landfill site at the start of a meaty new investigation for the peerless DCI Vera Stanhope in her Flowerpot Men hat and scruffy sludge-coloured mac.

It’s always good to see Vera again, with those eyes that miss nothing and those gimlet gazes that burn through the souls of the guilty. And the innocent too, it must be said.

It turns out that the victim, Joanne, was an idealistic forensic psychology trainee. She managed to rise above a troubled domestic background, the furious arguments of her warring parents and the faithlessness of her dad, to become a very capable and promising student who was popular with her colleagues. 

But Vera (Brenda Blethyn) and her little team discover that Joanne had got her teeth into an old case where she scented injustice, and someone decided to shut her up.  


The detective investigates the murder of a trainee forensic psychologist, whose body has been dumped in a Northumberland landfill site, surroundings that make evidence of how she died impossible to verify. Vera discovers that the dead woman had been working for the prison service re-investigating a crime that a former prisoner had been convicted of, and realises she must finish what the victim started in order to discover who may have wanted her dead. Paul Kaye plays a new pathologist alongside fellow guest star Peter Davison.

Cast & Crew

DCI Vera Stanhope Brenda Blethyn
DS Aiden Healy Kenny Doughty
DC Kenny Lockhart Jon Morrison
DC Jacqueline Williams Ibinabo Jack
DC Mark Edwards Riley Jones
Dr Malcolm Donahue Paul Kaye
Matthew Wells Peter Davison
Graham Caswell Adrian Lukis
Natalie Webb Jodie McNee
Ava Caswell Amira Ghazalla
Sandra Madani Seeta Indrani
Jim Paisley Andrew Readman
Melanie Kirk Faith Alabi
Kieran Webb James Atherton
Paul Eastman Sean Cernow
Ashleigh Beck Caitlin Drabble
Joanne Caswell Sharon Singh
Peter Lyle Edward Kingman
Nazeem Navinder Bhatti
Frank Payne Gerard McDermott
Simon Beck Chris Iddon
Natalie's mother Heather Walker
Hostel manager Malcolm Freeman
Director Paul Gay
Executive Producer Phil Hunter
Producer Phil Hunter
Writer Paul Logue
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