The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds

The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds

Series 6



Three girls, part of the new intake at the Secret Life nursery, are given electronic tablets to play with. The effect is extraordinary, the previously ebullient trio are completely absorbed, insular and silent for 20 minutes, failing even to clock teacher Kate bringing marshmallows, chocolate and sprinkles into the room.

The first in the new series looks at how the first truly digital generation interacts with technology. There are a few Steven Spielberg moments as little Archie bonds touchingly with a robot, fist-bumping as they say goodbye.

There are sweet little glimpses of friendships forged and social minefields navigated, particularly with Max, who has spent more than half his life in hospital. And young, forthright Iris (whose own mother describes her as “militant”) learns about sharing after a stroppy fall-out with her pal Na’shae.


The children get to grips with the classroom of the future as the documentary aims to find out how tablets, robots and other gadgets affect how they play and what modern technology is doing to the brains and bodies of these digital natives. Gadget-obsessed Arthur gets the opportunity to meet a cutting-edge robot, while Iris, Na'Shae and Kiera are each given their own tablet to use. Will it have an impact on the girls' friendship?

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Daniel Fromm