24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours in A&E

Series 17 - Episode 1



There are no car crashes, no falls, no traumas in this opening episode of series 17, but that doesn’t mean it lacks incident. David, 69, has a suspected blood clot in his leg, and comes in with second wife Christine, who he originally met at primary school; brace yourself for his breathtakingly sad story about his first marriage, and how it ended.

We also meet the winning 90-year-old Annie, rushed in with possible sepsis. Granddaughter Francesca talks about how Annie adopted her at the age of two, and how she looked to her as a model of motherhood when she became pregnant at 15.

It’s a well-paced episode that acts as a stark reminder of the pain people carry with them – and the resilience we somehow find within us.


The return of the programme following life at the A&E department of St George's hospital in south-west London. Doctors suspect a blood clot when David, 69, is rushed in with severe leg pain and a pale foot, and vascular specialists are called to assess him for surgery to save his leg. Annie, 90, has been brought in after struggling to breathe at home. Her daughter Francesca and granddaughter Tamara wait by her side in resus, as doctors battle to uncover the cause of shadowing on her lungs.

Cast & Crew

Director Joe John
Executive Producer Lucie Duxbury
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Joe John
Series Director Joanna Rowlands
Series Director Tom Wilde
Series Editor Liz Collier
Series Producer Joanna Rowlands
Series Producer Tom Wilde
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