Series 3 - Episode 3



“What is it with this family?” wails pregnant Teresa. “All we do is lie.” She’s right. But at least Mimi (Sheila Hancock) finally tells everyone about her breast cancer tonight and insists on taking part in her own living funeral. Dashing Mason Elliott continues to flutter his heavy eyelids at everyone (especially Dawn French’s Gina) and Sam makes a decision over new squeeze Marc.

This remains a plush, comfortable world, with a glass of champagne always close to hand. But as Mimi’s powerful funeral address demonstrates, just when you think the intriguingly addictive show is getting a bit too luxuriant, it packs an unexpectedly hefty punch, biting off life’s big subjects and chewing on them delightedly.


Sam and Gina come to blows over the best way to help Mimi, but when it comes to dealing with Mason they agree there is only one course of action - revenge.