Rich House, Poor House at Christmas

Rich House, Poor House at Christmas

Series 4



The Hogans and Bucks swap homes and budgets for the week at Christmas time - and although they live only 13 miles apart, their financial circumstances differ greatly. Noel and Lisa Hogan live in a five-bedroom house in Farnham with daughters Aysha and Amber, and thanks to ex-policeman Noel's private investigation company, they have a weekly budget of £3,336. Meanwhile, Tanya Buck lives in a Basingstoke council house with her three kids. She owns a cleaning company and after bills is left with £140 to live on. How will they manage living each other's lives for a week?

Cast & Crew

Director Danny Fildes
Director Carol Hanlon
Executive Producer Claire Collinson-Jones
Producer Danny Fildes
Producer Carol Hanlon