Amazon: Earth's Great Rivers

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Amazon: Earth's Great Rivers

Series 1



If you’re feeling delicate for any reason, this may be the balm you need. It is the first of three films that trickle though the week offering portraits of rivers, their wildlife and their cultures.

Tomorrow and Thursday look at the Nile and Mississippi, but we start with the Amazon and its tributaries, where aerial shots floating over channels and forests are so soothing they could have set them to music and done away with the narration. The signature shot moves above a narrow stretch of river then, in the same smooth movement, dissolves to the same stretch after the annual floods, with acres of submerged forests and the scenery transformed.

The wildlife isn't bad either: giant otters, pink river dolphins and some very sweet fish that are so rare their species doesn’t yet have a name.


Documentary following three of the world's largest rivers, beginning with the Amazon, uncovering some of the latest discoveries, including the 'Blue Lagoon' which is home to a newly discovered species of cichlid. The programme also explores some of the Amazon's flooded forests, home to an array of unusual animals, and cameras follow giant river otters on a fishing foray on the rocky terraces of the Cristalino river.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Oyelowo
Executive Producer James Honeyborne
Executive Producer Roger Webb
Producer Mark Flowers