Private Sins - Part One

Series 5 - Episode 5 Private Sins - Part One



Part one of two. Shap's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic as the team investigates the death of a private detective, putting his career at risk when he becomes personally involved with one of the dead man's colleagues. Meanwhile, Janine takes time off work to confront her son's truancy. Crime drama, starring Nicholas Murchie and Caroline Quentin.

Cast & Crew

DCI Janine Lewis Caroline Quentin
DI Richard Mayne Ian Kelsey
Tony Shap Nicholas Murchie
Derek Jowell Brendan Coyle
Terry Camerton Kieran O'Brien
Sally Jowell Heather Peace
Ian Butchers Paul Loughran
Kat Skerton Belinda Everett
Louise Hogg Saskia Wickham
Tom Lewis Ceallach Spellman
Ellie Lewis Eden Garrity
Tanya Lucas Vera Filatova
Paul Faber Colin Wells
Hannah Jowell Felicity Grant
DCC Christie Paul Gabriel
Mrs Hardiman Tracey Briggs
Fiona Jenna Boyd
Mrs Hilyard Pauline Daniels
Mr Bannister Neil McCaul
Dave Karl Haynes
TV journalist Lucy Meacock
Director Juliet May
Producer Mike Dormer
Writer Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
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