The Undiscovered Peter Sellers

The Undiscovered Peter Sellers


Dead comics. What were they like? Victor Lewis-Smith breathes life into this moribund format with ultra-rare clips that shed light on their private worlds. In this episode, it’s Peter Sellers. Startling footage shows the Goons rehearsing in the 1950s and there’s behind-the-scenes film (in colour!) from his forgotten 1954 BBC comedy, And So to Bentley. 

Sellers’s first wife Anne and daughter Sarah return to their former home, a mansion in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire for the first time since the 60s and recall his celeb whirl and bowls of cocaine. “I’ve never understood why I married him,” admits Anne.


A profile of the actor and comedian, who earned Oscar nominations for roles in Dr Strangelove and Being There, and starred as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther films.