Judy Garland By Marc Almond

Judy Garland By Marc Almond



Judy Garland by Marc Almond — inducement enough to lead you down the Yellow Brick Road for an hour? The Tainted Love torch singer was once dubbed “the Judy Garland of the garbage heap” and he fits like a slightly soiled, long-sleeved glove over this empathic profile of the Hollywood legend.

Garland’s fame and fall, gay hubbies and drugs spiral are catnip for Almond. He noses round her London haunts — she spent much of her final decade in the capital before her death in 1969 — and meets people who knew her then. Tracie Bennett, who played Garland in the West End, is determined not to paint her as a tragedienne, emphasising how funny she could be.


Singer Marc Almond pieces together the last days of his idol Judy Garland, whose talent and popularity was countered by a troubled home life.