Warship: In the Line of Fire

Warship: In the Line of Fire

Series 1



April 2018: HMS Duncan is patrolling the seas off Cyprus, ready to defend the naval force assembled to attack Syrian chemical weapons facilities. It’s a tense time because Russia has threatened to defend Syria and strike back at the allied force. For the crew it’s a question of watching and waiting – and much the same for us.

The programme does its best to convince us that World War III could break out at any moment, though of course we know that it didn’t. Nonetheless there are moments of drama – a Russian attack helicopter heads straight for Duncan – and humour. I enjoyed the galley chef muttering, “We’re at war now, we don’t do vegetarian options.”


The Russians have sent warships to face-off against HMS Duncan - and are threatening to fire on them if they launch missiles into Syria. It is a tense affair, and as the orders to fire are given and the strikes on Syria begin, the crew members are at action stations. Young sailor Danny Oldfield is going for his first promotion, knowing he must prove his knowledge of all the ship's systems. Chef Liam, meanwhile, has been caught drinking vodka, breaking a strict no spirits policy. He faces serious punishment and could be banned from disembarking the ship.

Cast & Crew

Director Rebecca Allen
Executive Producer Mark Tattersall
Executive Producer Julian Mercer
Producer Rebecca Allen
Series Director Paul Wells
Series Producer Simon Phillips
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