Inside Hamleys at Christmas

Inside Hamleys at Christmas

Series 2



The world’s oldest and largest toy store opens its doors to tell us a toy story like no other – and maybe to inspire us to do a spot of Christmas shopping.

Founded in 1760 (but then called Noah’s Ark), Hamleys has survived and the Great Depression and five bombings during the Second World War as well as the nation’s changing tastes in toys. Rag dolls and tin soldiers gave way to model railways, rocking horses, Sindy dolls and eventually the more sophisticated electronic toys of today.

It currently sells more than 50,000 lines of toys but, interestingly, it seems traditional teddies have always been a favourite, despite Paddington Bear’s best efforts.


The story behind the famous Regent Street toy shop, showing how it has grown from a modest 18th-century establishment to a seven-storey London landmark. The programme examines how it was given a royal warrant in 1938 and survived the Blitz - and how despite an increasing variety of merchandise, its signature teddy bears remain a bestseller. Featuring contributions from former employees.

Cast & Crew

Director Dan Trelfer
Executive Producer Emma Clarke
Executive Producer Matt Crook
Producer Dan Trelfer
Documentary Education