Death and Nightingales

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Death and Nightingales

Series 1 - Episode 3



Young Beth is ready to elope with handsome tenant farmer Liam (Jamie Dornan). Dressed in her best travelling clothes she packs her bags, raids her cruel stepfather’s safe and prepares for her small life to become very big indeed.

In the final episode of this ripe melodrama, full of misty woods and angry violins on the soundtrack, Beth (Ann Skelly, who does an extraordinary job holding up almost the entire hour, considering she’s in just about every scene) flees into the darkness.

It moves at a stately pace and is so relentlessly morose you might want to go out dancing afterwards, just to shake the whole thing off.


In the concluding episode of the series, Beth has a flashback to the day she asked how her mother died. After finding Billy's will in his safe, Beth attempts to escape with Billy's gold but McGonnell bars her way and frantically tries to tell her something. Who is out to hurt her and why? Later, as Beth and Ward try to leave, they find their lives in danger. Dramatisation of Eugene McCabe's period novel set over the course of 24 hours, starring Ann Skelly, Jamie Dornan, and Matthew Rhys. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Billy Winters Matthew Rhys
Beth Winters Ann Skelly
Liam Ward Jamie Dornan
Young Beth Aoibheann Mullan
Mercy Boyle Charlene McKenna
Bishop Donnelly Sean McGinley
Mickey Dolphin Francis Magee
Dummy McGonnell Michael Smiley
Frank Blessing Martin McCann
Constable Shanley Eugene O'Hare
Tommy Martin Frankie McCafferty
CI Joseph Quinn Paul Kennedy
Catherine Winters Valene Kane
Gerry Boyle Ciaran Flynn
Jim Rutledge Des McAleer
Maurice Fairbrother Pip Torrens
Gary Pringle Conor MacNeill
Waiter Sean Sloan
Red Coated Officer Derek Dubery
Director Allan Cubitt
Executive Producer Allan Cubitt
Executive Producer Tommy Bulfin
Executive Producer Phil Robertson
Executive Producer James Mitchell
Producer Jonathan Cavendish
Writer Allan Cubitt
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