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Series 1 - Episode 5 Tiger



Before Dynasties began there was some criticism of David Attenborough for putting his voice to a series that would, as wildlife films tend to, paint a reassuring picture of majestic creatures in glorious landscapes, as if conservation pressures and habitat loss didn’t exist. Species are teetering on the edge of extinction while we enjoy a sanitised fantasy on Sunday night TV – or so the argument went.

Well, it hasn’t played out like that. You couldn’t watch the five films in Dynasties and not become painfully aware of human pressures on the animals involved. The lions poisoned by illegal cattle farmers; the penguins whose ice is melting – and now the Indian tigers who simply don’t have enough space. The battle lines where people and tigers clash form a crucial scene in tonight’s closing film. But mostly it’s the tale of one magnificent mother and her four comedy cubs.


David Attenborough narrates footage of a tiger in the dense jungles of India's Bandhavgarh Reserve. The big cat has four newborn cubs to protect and is the dominant presence in a prime hunting territory. However, rival tigers are determined to take over, and one of her own previous offspring becomes one of the most persistent enemies the mother and her cubs face. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Director Theo Webb
Executive Producer Michael Gunton
Producer Miles Barton
Series Producer Rupert Barrington