Every Pain Needs A Name

Series 1 - Episode 3 Every Pain Needs A Name



This is a thoroughly odd show – mostly in a good way. Jim Carrey’s adrift kids’ TV star Mr Pickles, aka Jeff, is a sort of idiot savant – full of wise insights (“Every pain needs a name,” he tells his viewers) but lacking nous, and with an edge of creepiness that Carrey is perfect for.

Jeff has bought the house next to his estranged wife, the better to keep an eye on her and her anaesthetist boyfriend, who seems to be getting on better with Jeff’s son than he ever did.

Meanwhile, Jeff’s dad (the dolorous Frank Langella), wants him to get over his ex by going on a date with one of the many women who send him fruity fan mail. It gets weird.


Jeff tries to find a way to fix his heartbreak. Meanwhile, Seb outlines the future of Mr Pickles' Puppet Time without Jeff.
Drama Comedy