Series 4



Just minutes before they are due to come off shift, paramedics Bex and Kym receive a highest-priority call: a ten-year-old boy has fallen and is suffering seizures. It turns out that the patient, Shay, has many complex medical needs, but what worries him most as he’s put into the ambulance is missing a speech he’s due to make in a bid to be his school’s head boy.

It’s these small stories that are so moving, particularly as Shay’s worried tears turn to smiles thanks to his mum and the kindness of the crew.

But there are calls that don’t end well – a young woman is the victim of a hit-and-run, and she’s not breathing.


Documentary following the work of the North West Ambulance Service. Specialist crew Simon and Laura fight to save the life of a hit-and-run victim, and paramedics Bex and Kym are called to a multi-storey car park where someone is threatening to jump off the roof. New call handler Joe is thrown straight in at the deep end with a number of difficult calls - including one from a mental health patient who says he can see spiders in his room.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Christopher Eccleston
Executive Producer Zoe Callan
Executive Producer Kirsty Cunningham
Executive Producer Simon Ford
Executive Producer Pamela Gordon
Series Director Nick Mattingly
Series Producer Harjeet Chhokar
Series Producer Peter Wallis-Taylor
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