World's Weirdest Homes

World's Weirdest Homes

Series 2018 05/12/2018



This feels like one of those clickbait stories you see trailed on the bottom of web pages with a link saying “You won’t BELIEVE the crazy homes these people built! Number 6 will BLOW your mind!” In practice, yes, the programme is pretty much a gallery of curiosities – a giant sandcastle in Brazil here, a floating farm in Canada there.

If more of the homes had the wow factor, it would grab the imagination more, but there’s nothing terribly inspiring about, for instance, the Dubai billionaire who has his own private zoo (the animals have names like Armani and Paris Hilton) or a clay-coloured home in Arizona that happens to be 124 feet tall. Charlie Luxton bigs them all up.


Charlie Luxton explores jaw-dropping homes and unusual residences, and examines why the people who live in them choose to escape the everyday world. Throughout the programme, Charlie meets a group of scientists pretending they live on Mars, a billionaire YouTube celebrity with his own zoo, and a Bible-obsessed Dutch entrepreneur.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Charlie Luxton
Director Storm Theunissen
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Executive Producer Jenny Midl
Producer Storm Theunissen
Documentary Education