Lego Masters

Series 2 - Episode 5



The creativity and engineering nous in this series are extraordinary. Every show has at least one model that you feel should be put on display as an art installation and preserved for ever. Given what they’re accomplishing and the time pressure they’re under, I’m amazed the brick-bodgers don’t get tetchy with each other – or with the judges who snipe at their half-built creations.

But it’s such a good-natured show that even when the models crack, collapse or fail to move as they’re meant to, nobody has a meltdown, they just soldier on. There are now four teams left for a final that gets more emotional than it has any right to. As Sue Perkins says: “I don’t want to ever stop looking at this.”


Melvin Odoom hosts the final, and the four remaining teams must build a walking, talking robo-pet. The last two teams have seven days to create the biggest build of their lives, using as many as half a million bricks each. Their Master Build creations will be displayed at The Design Museum, before being assessed for the final time by Matthew Ashton, Fran Scott and guest judge Sue Perkins. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Melvin Odoom
Judge Sue Perkins
Judge Matthew Ashton
Judge Fran Scott
Executive Producer Steph Harris