Live at the Apollo

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Gina Yashere, Lost Voice Guy, Ed Gamble

Series 14 - Episode 3 Gina Yashere, Lost Voice Guy, Ed Gamble



Something about the set-up of this show – mega-venue, bright lights, dry ice, thumping music – makes comedians go for the Big Delivery. There’s often a hyper feel to the routines, so even if the material itself is middling, the sheer adrenaline makes jokes land with a bang.

That suits tonight’s host Gina Yashere, who has the ability to pulverise an audience with routines – about snoring, say, or casual racism – that only she could make funny, via force of personality (and shouting). Britain’s Got Talent winner Lost Voice Guy doesn’t have the option of cranking up his delivery: it’s all pre-recorded. But a unique approach that really shouldn’t keep working, still does.


Gina Yashere comperes the comedy show at London's Hammersmith Apollo. She warms up the audience before introducing routines by 2018 Britain's Got Talent winner Lost Voice Guy and Mock the Week regular Ed Gamble.

Cast & Crew

Host Gina Yashere
Guest Lost Voice Guy
Guest Ed Gamble
Director Paul Wheeler
Executive Producer Andrew Beint
Series Producer Anthony Caveney
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