The Flower Display

Series 1 - Episode 12 The Flower Display



Molly examines her shelf of special things at the back of Mack's stall. She chooses the little watering can and remembers the day she got it... Molly and the other kids are making paper flowers at the Kids Club while Bob places a display of real flowers in an ornamental wheelbarrow outside the Big Hub. Meanwhile, Mrs Juniper is selling flower-themed cakes and has ordered a display of flowers for her counter. When she sees the flowers in the wheelbarrow, she thinks they are hers and wheels them off. Mack gives chase and tries to explain, but panics and runs off with the flowers when Mrs Juniper isn't looking. He gets the flowers back in place before Bob comes back to inspect them, but then feels bad and takes them back to Mrs Juniper's stall. Eventually, after moving the flowers back and forth several times, Mack gets caught by Bob. Luckily, Molly has an idea. She tells Mack to tell Mrs Juniper the truth, and then she brings armfuls of her paper flowers to Mrs Juniper's cafe to make a lovely display for her counter.