Warship: Life at Sea

Warship: Life at Sea

Series 1 - Episode 2



It all gets real for the crew of HMS Duncan this week. As they sail through the northern Black Sea near Crimea, filming in the operations room is interrupted by the blast of a whistle and a loud shout of “2-7-7 Slotback!”

The ship’s long-range radar has picked up an approaching aircraft. Soon 17 Russian war planes are flying past and over the ship in a display of force designed to intimidate – the fact that the Russian planes’ electronics may be damaged by the destroyer’s high-powered scanning doesn’t appear to trouble them. It’s an exciting moment in another revealing visit, which also includes profiles of crew members known as “EWO” “Navs” and “Bish”.


HMS Duncan is deep in the heart of the Black Sea as it heads towards Crimea, when a Russian ship it has been tracking suddenly disappears. Pilots Johnny Hamlyn and Tim Dunning take off in a Wildcat helicopter and discover that it is a spy ship, probably on a mission to monitor the Duncan. The situation soon escalates as Russian jets start circling the Royal Navy ship, and Commodore Mike Utley and Captain Eleanor Stack must assess the situation and consider how best to protect their personnel.

Cast & Crew

Director Rebecca Allen
Executive Producer Mark Tattersall
Executive Producer Julian Mercer
Producer Rebecca Allen
Series Director Paul Wells
Series Producer Simon Phillips
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