Nuremberg - Nazis on Trial

Hermann Goering

Series 1 - Episode 2 Hermann Goering



Dramatisation of the trial of Luftwaffe chief and designated successor to Hitler, Hermann Goering. The larger-than-life character was renowned for his charisma and flamboyance, but also as one of the most unrepentant and ruthless of all Nazis. Having aimed to use the courtroom as a means of rehabilitating the fascist regime, it was only at a late stage that he was forced to concede defeat. Robert Pugh stars.

Cast & Crew

Goering Robert Pugh
Gilbert Adam Godley
Andrus Anthony Valentine
Jackson Colin Stinton
Maxwell-Fyfe Julian Wadham
Lawrence Richard Durden
Dodd Rupert Vansittart
Amen Tim Woodward
Executive Producer John Farren
Producer Paul Bradshaw
Series Producer Detlef Siebert
Writer Paul Bradshaw
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Drama Documentary