Star Trek: The Next Generation

Descent - Part Two

Series 7 - Episode 1 Descent - Part Two



Part two of two. Data's malevolent brother Lore persuades him to join forces with the Borg, and he responds by taking Picard hostage - leaving Dr Crusher in charge of a skeleton crew aboard the Enterprise. Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner star.

Cast & Crew

Captain Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Stewart
Commander William Riker Jonathan Frakes
Lt Commander Data Brent Spiner
Dr Beverley Crusher Gates McFadden
Lt Commander Geordi La Forge LeVar Burton
Lt Worf Michael Dorn
Counsellor Deanna Troi Marina Sirtis
Hugh Jonathan Del Arco
Taitt Alex Datcher
Barnaby James Horan
Crosis Brian Cousins
Lore Brent Spiner
Director LeVar Burton
Writer Rene Echevarria
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