Star Trek: The Next Generation

Descent - Part One

Series 6 - Episode 26 Descent - Part One



Part one of two. The Enterprise encounters sadistic Borg who have rediscovered their individuality - and as a result of the run-in, Data develops the ability to experience rage. Starring Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart, with a guest appearance by Professor Stephen Hawking.

Cast & Crew

Capt Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Stewart
Cdr William T Riker Jonathan Frakes
Lt Commander Data Brent Spiner
Dr Beverly Crusher Gates McFadden
Lt Commander Geordi LaForge LeVar Burton
Lt Worf Michael Dorn
Counsellor Deanna Troi Marina Sirtis
Isaac Newton John Neville
Albert Einstein Jim Norton
Admiral Nechayev Natalija Nogulich
Crosis Brian Cousins
Himself Stephen Hawking
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