Made You Look

Series 1 - Episode 3 Made You Look



Rue Bennett’s (Zendaya) spiral of self-destruction continues, as she proudly announces at Narcotics Anonymous that she’s been clean for 60 days, while still taking drugs. “For the record I’m not not telling the truth,” her internal monologue trills. “I’ve actually been doing really well.”

It’s just that, well, she hasn’t. Her reckless actions are driving her family to distraction, although there’s one chemical driver in Euphoria that rampages even more than drugs: hormones. Both Jules (ethereal Hunter Schafer) and Kat (the brilliant Barbie Ferreira) embark on colourful romantic liaisons, the latter leading to a particularly unpalatable scene that needs the fast-forward button at the ready. If this is even half of what it is to be a teenager today, you can keep it.


Jules falls for a boy online and asks Rue to help her take some suggestive photos to send to him. Meanwhile, Maddy finds something odd on Nate's phone.