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Keeping Faith

Series 2 - Episode 5



There’s a febrile atmosphere in the Howells household now that jailbird Evan has come home. His eldest daughter doesn’t want him anywhere near her, and neither does his wife, the tormented, conflicted Faith.

She’s all at sixes and sevens, eating cereal in the street on her way to work and crying in the stationery cupboard as she tries to cope with the love of two men – Evan and Steve Baldini, who last week, you will remember, punched a cliff. So, he’s not the brightest lightbulb.

Meanwhile, the bizarre Gael Reardon is vamping around all over the place demanding businesses through which she can launder her money, while Evan’s dreadful mother throws a gruesome dinner party.


As she struggles to deal with the consequences of her husband's return home, Faith also uncovers new and disturbing truths as she delves deeper into the facts of Madlen's case. Evan struggles to adjust to life back in the family home, while the Reardons threaten to detail the Corran Energy deal. DI Breeze continues to put pressure on the Howells family, and Steve begins playing a deadly new game of his own. Wales-set legal drama, starring Eve Myles, Bradley Freegard, Rhashan Stone and Aimee-Ffion Edwards.

Cast & Crew

Faith Howells Eve Myles
Evan Howells Bradley Freegard
DI Laurence Breeze Rhashan Stone
PC Susan Williams Eiry Thomas
Steve Baldini Mark Lewis Jones
Megan Howells Lacey Jones
Alys Howells Demi Letherby
Arthur Davies Alex Harries
Marion Howells Rhian Morgan
Angie Baldini Martha Bright
Rhona Baldini Beth Robert
Shane Reardon Owen Arwyn
Geraint Jernigan Alun ap Brinley
Cerys Jones Hannah Daniel
Tom Howells Aneirin Hughes
Madlen Vaughan Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Gael Reardon Angeline Ball
Delyth Lloyd Suzanne Packer
Boxing instructor Charlie Spring
Dyfan Vaughan Brochan Evans
Lisa Connors Catherine Ayers
Anya Flye Rhian Blythe
Odessa foods owner Lukasz Biela
Director Pip Broughton
Executive Producer Adrian Bate
Producer Gwenllian Gravelle
Producer Pip Broughton
Writer Matthew Hall
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