The Queen's Lost Family

The Queen's Lost Family

Series 1 - Episode 2



Mathematician Alan Turing wrote to his mum from Princeton University in the summer of 1936: “Have you heard of Mrs Simpson? I expect not, but you will.” As ever, Turing knew what he was talking about. A gentleman’s agreement between British press barons and the Government had largely kept the relationship between Mrs Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII out of the papers, but the dam was about to burst.

Using contemporary footage and newsreels (always hilarious because of the porcelain accents), and with access to letters and diaries, historians piece together (with the help of a wildly eccentric soundtrack that includes Kool and the Gang among others) the run up to a seismic constitutional crisis.


Prince George makes a love match and marries the glamorous Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, while Henry gives up the married Beryl Markham and also makes a suitable marriage. Edward, meanwhile, brings married American divorcee Wallis Simpson to George and Marina's pre-wedding party at Buckingham Palace, scandalising his parents. Not long after George V's Silver Jubilee celebrations, a unifying event for the nation, the King dies and Edward inherits the throne.

Cast & Crew

Director Kelly Close
Executive Producer Julia Harrington
Producer Lisa Martinson