Stath Lets Flats

A Dreadfully New Time

Series 2 - Episode 1 A Dreadfully New Time



Jamie Demetriou returns with his lovably crass, Bafta-nominated comedy about an estate agent so witless he can barely string words together. One of many great things about the show is the way it cracks along with sight gags and stupid lines tumbling after each other at a proper comedy pace.

Plotwise, there have been changes at M&E Lettings for series two: now that Stath’s father has retired, flash git Julian (Dustin Demri-Burns) is running things and has produced a naff promotional video for the company, featuring him and a client in the shower together. Not as naff, though, as the one Stath produces to show him how it’s done. Stath’s dad suggests gently: “Maybe don’t try to do anything, ever.”


New boss Julian is making changes at Michael & Eagle and when he unveils a slick new promo with no mention of the family, Stath decides to make his own rival video. Meanwhile, Sophie tries to move on from Al and focus on her music. Return of the comedy about an incompetent Greek-Cypriot lettings agent working for his family business, starring Jamie Demetriou.

Cast & Crew

Stath Jamie Demetriou
Sophie Natasia Demetriou
Al Al Roberts
Vasos Christos Stergioglou
Katia Ellie White
Dean Kiell Smith-Bynoe
Carole Katy Wix
Julian Dustin Demri-Burns
Steven Jimmy Roussounis
Mick Colin Hurley
Ben Preston Nyman
Anne Gemma Arrowsmith
Dancer Megan Reeves
Mitra Shivani Thussu
Director Tom Kingsley
Executive Producer Jamie Demetriou
Executive Producer Ash Atalla
Producer Seb Barwell
Writer Jamie Demetriou
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