Dark Flower

Series 1 - Episode 3 Dark Flower



Chris Pine shows once again that he can take a punch as he’s laid out by all and sundry in this compelling 60s-set drama – journalist Jay Singletary’s investigation into the old Hodel case is clearly rubbing Los Angeles up the wrong way, so he’s obviously on to something.

His dogged determination finally brings him into contact with young Fauna Hodel, who’s doing her own digging into her past (and starting to dress like Daphne in Scooby-Doo). But she’s also being watched by the creepy hired gun of her even creepier grandfather George. If this wasn’t based on a true story, you’d find it all hard to believe. But it is, which is deeply unsettling.


A visit from Billis and the LAPD leaves Jay wondering how close he's getting to the truth. Fauna must reconcile Corinna's revelations with the suspicion that Corinna is hiding Fauna's mother, Tamar.

Cast & Crew

Jay Singletary Chris Pine
Fauna Hodel/Pat India Eisley
George Hodel Jefferson Mays
Peter Sullivan Leland Orser
Billis Yul Vazquez
Sepp Dylan Smith
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