Ross Kemp: Living with Online Gambling Addiction

Ross Kemp: Living with Online Gambling Addiction

Series 1



It’s so easy to use a phone app to gamble, instead of having to go to a betting shop or casino, that increasing numbers of people are getting hooked – and racking up scarily high debts.

Ross Kemp meets a man who won £127,000 playing online roulette over a weekend – and then lost it all in 26 minutes. He also talks to a mum whose addiction to online slots has left her with thousands of pounds worth of loans. Saddest of all are the two sets of distraught parents whose young sons killing themselves because they couldn’t see a way out of their gambling problems.


The actor meets some of Britain's problem online gamblers, including those who live with the shame of stealing from loved ones to fund their habit, while others cannot afford to buy their children birthday presents because they've gambled their money away. Ross meets some who have to go off-grid to escape their addictions and visits the parents of two young men, Jack Ritchie and Joshua Jones, who took their own lives after racking up serious debts because of their addiction to online gambling. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ross Kemp
Executive Producer Adam Vandermark
Executive Producer Ross Kemp
Series Producer Johnny McDevitt