Stuntin' Like My Daddy

Series 1 - Episode 2 Stuntin' Like My Daddy



If you can stomach the bleakness of this US high-school drama, it’s undeniably skilled at provoking horror and dread. The central character tonight is Nate (Jacob Elordi), the chiselled football hero whose deep-seated anger and psychosexual issues are fleshed out via an unpleasant childhood flashback and, later, a hauntingly vivid scene of awful violence in the present.

Supporting storylines, as yet mostly independent of each other, make us watch kids charging into the bear traps that are drugs and pornography, creating a queasy nightmare that’s bearable if you repeat to yourself that this is an extreme caricature of modern teens. At least, let’s hope it is.


Rue struggles to put the past behind her on her first day back at school, Kat finds a video of herself online and Nate's obsessions turn violent.