They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think

Series 1 - Episode 8 They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think



A bloodbath on the streets of Chinatown prompts the Hop Wei and Long Zii to consider a novel way to end hostilities, while Ah Toy and her real-estate business partner Leonard Patterson hit a fork in the road in their effort to buy a valuable piece of land. After promising jobs to Leary's Irish workers, Mercer toasts Crestwood at a fundraiser, while Penny struggles to hold her tongue. Mai Ling warns her brother against waging a battle he may not win.

Cast & Crew

Ah Sahm Andrew Koji
Ah Toy Olivia Cheng
Young Jun Jason Tobin
Mai Ling Dianne Doan
Bill O'Hara Kieran Bew
Dylan Leary Dean Jagger
Penelope Blake Joanna Vanderham
Richard Lee Tom Weston-Jones
Wang Chao Hoon Lee
Walter Buckley Langley Kirkwood
Mayor Samuel Blake Christian McKay
Father Jun Perry Yung
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