The Chefs' Brigade

The Chefs' Brigade

Series 1 - Episode 3



This show, where a team of raw British recruits take on top restaurants around Europe, has a great many moving parts but they mesh nicely. The mainspring is harsh-but-fair head chef Jason Atherton – part delicate culinary artist, part assassin.

This week he takes his team to Cádiz in Spain, where they take on local mainstay El Faro at its traditional, fish-based menu. It sounds straightforward – but to give you an idea of how traditional, one member of El Faro’s kitchen staff has been cooking fish there for 22 years, longer than some of Jason’s crew have been alive.

One speciality is a fiendish dish that involves roasting rice in stock then adding sea bass on top for just the right time so that both rice and fish emerge perfectly cooked: tricky. Meanwhile Jason must deal with one of his crew, who has become “a bit of a bull in a china shop”.


Jason Atherton takes the chefs to Cadiz in southern Spain, a city famous for its seafood. The brigade must cook for a restaurant that has been run by the same family for 50 years, and is adored by locals and tourists alike. Jason must encourage the chefs to appreciate local traditions, and arranges for a local fisherman to take them to the salt flats that have provided seafood to residents for thousands of years. Back in the kitchen, several members of the brigade have to win back Jason's trust following recent confrontations.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jason Atherton
Narrator Anna Maxwell Martin
Director Will Wilkinson
Director Ben Addelman
Editor Weston Owen
Executive Producer Colin Barr
Executive Producer Dominique Foster
Producer Charlotte Soma
Producer Will Wilkinson
Producer Ben Addelman
Series Director Graham Sherrington
Series Producer Graham Sherrington
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