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Keeping Faith

Series 2 - Episode 4



Oh gawd, so many tears, so many declarations of love. And why do Faith and her solicitor colleague Cerys slide down walls and sink to the floor when they are faced with crises in a way you never see people do in real life?

But Keeping Faith is all about melodrama, so Faith crashes to all fours and cries in the office when she loses a case (I’m sure solicitors do this a lot) and of course she doesn’t just take a sip from her water bottle, she takes a sip and then empties the contents all over her head. This is after she’s done some Angry Boxing, because her hopeless husband Evan is coming home.


Evan's release from prison draws ever closer, and the return of her husband brings conflicting emotions for Faith and her family. The lawyer struggles with the demands of her growing feelings for Steve and doing what is best for her children. DI Breeze continues to pile the pressure on Evan as he awaits his freedom, and a phone call from PC Williams delivers an unwelcome new lead in Madlen's case. The Wales-set legal drama continues. Starring Eve Myles, Bradley Freegard, Rhashan Stone and Eiry Thomas.

Cast & Crew

Faith Howells Eve Myles
Megan Howells Lacey Jones
Arthur Davies Alex Harries
Cerys Jones Hannah Daniel
Hayden Swancott Richard Lynch
Judge Gwyn Daniels Steffan Rhodri
Madlen Vaughan Aimee-Ffion Edwards
DI Laurence Breeze Rhashan Stone
Delyth Lloyd Suzanne Packer
Tom Howells Aneirin Hughes
PC Susan Williams Eiry Thomas
Gael Reardon Anastasia Hille
Geraint Jernigan Alun ap Brinley
Marion Howells Rhian Morgan
Lisa Connors Catherine Ayers
Steve Baldini Mark Lewis Jones
Angie Baldini Martha Bright
Alys Howells Demi Letherby
Evan Howells Bradley Freegard
Gareth Taxi Morgan Hopkins
Dyfan Vaughan Brochan Evans
Hannah Lewis Rebecca Harries
Soloist Ela Hughes
Prison officer Robert Gwyn Dafin
Boxing instructor Charlie Spring
Director Pip Broughton
Executive Producer Adrian Bate
Producer Pip Broughton
Producer Gwenllian Gravelle
Writer Pip Broughton
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