Expedition with Steve Backshall

Borneo: Dark Shadow

Series 1 - Episode 6 Borneo: Dark Shadow



There are some unexpectedly moving moments when Steve Backshall and his team yomp for days into the Borneo jungle to examine what is believed to be the world’s oldest cave art.

It’s quite extraordinary to see stencils of hand prints made, says an expert, 20,000 and 40,000 years ago. No one knows why and there’s something breathtaking and poignant about them.

But there’s another cave, days and days away, which could contain similar artwork. If it does, it must be protected from ever-encroaching deforestation. And if there’s a chance that the team could find it and make a case to extend a World Heritage Site, then they are up to the sweaty, dangerous, exhausting challenge.


Steve and the team battle through the jungle into the heart of Indonesian Borneo. Here, a remote mountain range guards caves, holding secrets that could rewrite the history of man.
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