A Whole Lotto Trouble

Series 3 - Episode 3 A Whole Lotto Trouble



If you felt like watching a nuanced family drama about parenting and marriage, Lethal Weapon isn’t the place you’d come. Why would you? It’s an action comedy. You expect action and comedy, though you’d settle for action.

The best the show can muster this week is a punch-up on a collapsing fire escape, because the writers are too busy focusing on what should be B-story stuff: the fact that Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) has his imposing father-in-law coming to stay and Cole (Seann William Scott) must take care of his 12-year-old daughter for a night. There’s an afterthought storyline about a lottery fixing case but it barely gets the time of day.


Cole juggles the realities of his job and his duty to be a good parent, taking his daughter to work as he and Murtaugh unite to foil a gang running a lottery scam. Away from the case, Roger receives a surprise visit from his father-in-law and it is not long before the pair clash. Action drama, starring Damon Wayans and Seann William Scott.

Cast & Crew

Roger Murtaugh Damon Wayans
Wesley Cole Seann William Scott
Trish Murtaugh Keesha Sharp
Brooks Avery Kevin Rahm
Riana Murtaugh Chandler Kinney
Roger Murtaugh Jr Dante Brown
Sonya Bailey Michelle Mitchenor
Natalie Flynn Maggie Lawson
Mateo Peralto Stephen Friedrich
Petros Ronnie Gene Blevins
Rodney Tom Musgrave
Bridget Erica Piccininni
Don Bennett Richard Roundtree
Maya Shay Rudolph
Director Steve Boyum
Executive Producer Matt Miller
Executive Producer Jennifer Gwartz
Executive Producer Dan Lin
Executive Producer Alex Taub
Executive Producer Bill Callahan
Executive Producer Seamus Kevin Fahey
Producer Marc David Alpert
Producer Joshua Levey
Writer Matt Miller
Writer Kyle Warren
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