The Secret Teacher

The Secret Teacher

Series 1 - Episode 1



A twist on The Secret Millionaire, this puts four successful entrepreneurs into different secondary schools, where they pretend to be teaching assistants. Six weeks later they reveal their identity and offer students a helping hand – a job, a bursary to continue their studies or assistance to set up their own business.

Ultimately it’s a feel-good programme, because the reveal is satisfyingly emotional. But it’s also a snapshot of how tough it is to be a teacher, and of the failings of our education system. The first to brave the classroom is branded product millionaire Paul Rowlett, who gravitates towards those youngsters who are struggling because he himself left school with almost no qualifications.


A number of today's most successful business owners were labelled as failures by the education system, their potential outshone by those of a more academic bent. In this documentary series, four leading entrepreneurs go undercover as support staff to give others the helping help they never received. First up is marketing mogul Paul Rowlett, working at a Hertfordshire secondary school. With a business that turns over more than £20million a year, Paul is searching for students who can use his money to help.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Series Director Greg Williams
Series Producer Naomi Templeton