Ross Kemp: Living with Knife Crime

Ross Kemp: Living with Knife Crime

Series 1



Knife crime has increased dramatically in recent years: there are 40 blade-related offences every day in London alone. Four gang members, all under 21, insist they carry knives to protect themselves, although they admit that social media can escalate arguments and lead to violence.

They also cite being categorised as “bad” at school (a label they couldn’t seem to shake off), a lack of opportunities, poor education and financial hardship as other reasons for knife crime. But at least there’s a glimmer of hope in Sheffield, where the inspirational Hanif Mohammed, who served time for manslaughter, persuades youngsters not to do what he did at their age.


The presenter explores the country's knife crime epidemic. He meets teenagers who say they carry them for self protection, parents who fear for their children's lives and community leaders taking drastic measures to put an end to the violence.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ross Kemp
Executive Producer Ross Kemp
Executive Producer Adam Vandermark
Series Producer Johnny McDevitt