Work Experience

Series 1 - Episode 2 Work Experience



A work experience trainee has a baptism of fire when she is exposed to a smutty picture of her new boss. Team leader Gareth is assigned to find the culprit and after intensive research duly accuses the wrong person. Comedy, starring Ricky Gervais and Mackenzie Crook.

Cast & Crew

David Brent Ricky Gervais
Gareth Mackenzie Crook
Tim Martin Freeman
Dawn Lucy Davis
Donna Sally Bretton
Ricky Oliver Chris
Jennifer Stirling Gallacher
Malcolm Robin Hooper
Lee Joel Beckett
Glynn David Schaal
Joan Yvonne D'Alpra
Dennis Malcolm Cole
Office worker Ben Bradshaw
Office worker Angela Clerkin
Office worker Jamie Deeks
Office worker Jane Lucas
Office worker Ewen MacIntosh
Office worker Emma Louise Manton
Office worker Alexander Perkins
Office worker Philip Pickard
Director Sean Doherty
Executive Producer Ricky Gervais
Executive Producer Stephen Merchant
Producer Michael Forte
Writer Ricky Gervais
Writer Stephen Merchant
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