Series 2



The saga of mega-rich media folk fires off in unexpected directions. Tonight, the main story focuses on Vaulter, the cool online start-up that Kendal bought (expensively) in the days when he was acting CEO of Waystar. Now his dad Logan wants Kendal and Roman (rival sons hoping to succeed him) to find out what’s going on at Vaulter and what should be done with their sick subsidiary.

The scene where they pitch their different approaches is beautifully done, with Brian Cox supreme conveying Logan’s cold ruthlessness. But amid the juicy feuding, there are belly laughs too, courtesy of Kieran Culkin as Roman, who is rat-like, amoral, cynical – and horribly funny.


Roman and Kendall compete to fix new media brand, Vaulter. Meanwhile, Greg wonders if ATN is the right fit for him, and Shiv brings Tom into the loop about future plans.