24 Hours in A&E

Series 1 - Episode 11



Seventy-eight-year-old Reginald Brown is brought in to A&E with a severe stomach pain that the doctors are struggling to diagnose. He’s deteriorating while he lies there, much to the frustration of consultant Firas. “This man is going to die if they don’t take him to theatre and investigate,” he says bluntly, before sharing some intimate thoughts about his own father’s death.

It’s an especially poignant edition, although lightening the mood is Richard, who’s twisted his knee in a nightclub. “Do you think people come to hospital just to pick up girls?” he asks his brother before offering a hysterical — if dubious — definition of gynaecology.


A retired dockworker who suffers from diabetes is brought in with severe stomach pain and doctors believe part of his gut may have permanently stopped working, creating a life-threatening situation where immediate surgery is the only option. Other patients include a man who has twisted his knee dancing in a club, and a cyclist brought in unconscious after falling off his bike.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nick Curwin
Executive Producer Magnus Temple
Series Director Anthony Philipson
Series Director Amy Flanagan
Series Producer Anthony Philipson
Series Producer Amy Flanagan
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