Expedition with Steve Backshall

Suriname: Ghost River

Series 1 - Episode 4 Suriname: Ghost River

Sat 30 Nov 12pm - 1pm Dave


“It’s the highlight of my career in expeditions, and one of the proudest moments of my life.” So says Steve Backshall at the end of a venture that meanders pleasantly for much of the episode: we’re in Suriname in north-eastern South America, a very sparsely populated nation offering the chance to journey down rivers few humans have ever navigated. Backshall and his team are taken by helicopter to point A and arrange to be met at point B: who knows what lies in between?

The answer is a smattering of gorgeous wildlife and some hot, humid, occasionally perilous work kayaking downstream, while experiencing the rare joy of covering genuinely uncharted territory. Then, near the final destination, there’s a wonderful surprise.


Steve and his team are venturing into the heart of Suriname, to kayak an unnamed river that will take the them through a forest unchanged for millions of years.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Steve Backshall
Documentary Nature