Series 2 - Episode 2



There isn’t an awful lot to GameFace – no one learns any life lessons and it’s not deep or thoughtful. But it’s a good, quick hit of laughter, peppered with the occasional gross-out visual gag as failed actress Marcella tries to wrangle her increasingly chaotic life.

After last week’s excruciating confrontation with the drunken and furious wife of her slimy ex, Simon, she tries to mend fences with her soulful driving instructor Jon, who witnessed the debacle. But Marcella (Roisin Conaty) perfectly embodies the sheer sticky desperation of leaving increasingly manic and wildly inappropriate voicemail messages for someone you fancy.

There’s a great scene too with her agent who clearly has no idea Marcella is a client.


Marcella deals with the fallout from her date with Jon. She meets Simon and confronts him about his wife's behaviour. Meanwhile, her life coach inspires her to go and visit her agent, Pam, to talk about her lack of work. Comedy, written by and starring Roisin Conaty.

Cast & Crew

Marcella Roisin Conaty
Mark Alfie Brown
Simon Dustin Demri-Burns
Billy Dylan Edwards
Linda Llewella Gideon
Caroline Caroline Ginty
Dad Francis Magee
Jon Damien Molony
Frances Eliot Salt
Therapist Karl Theobald
Lucy Nina Toussaint-White
Sally Naana Agyei-Ampadu
Pam Georgie Glen
Dog Owner Ben Rufus Green
Director Andrew Chaplin
Executive Producer Roisin Conaty
Executive Producer Ben Farrell
Executive Producer Charlie Lewis
Producer Izzy Mant
Writer Roisin Conaty
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