Animal Babies: First Year on Earth

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Animal Babies: First Year on Earth

Series 1 - Episode 1



The levels of cuteness are so off-the-scale high that you might find yourself a little light-headed, particularly as you watch tiny baby elephant Safina struggling splay-footed through mud before she’s nudged to safety by her mother. The perfect Dumbo moment. Or maybe you’ll pass out completely with delight as a sweet little mountain gorilla imitates the chest-beating of her alpha-male dad.

It’s a charming hour, despite the use of that most deadly, cliched and pointless of phrases “the planet’s most iconic animals” (iconic of WHAT?) in the narration (from the blameless Wunmi Mosaku).

But there’s a welcome and consistent resistance to making the whole thing Serengeti-sentimental, and there are a lot of interesting details about the rigid social hierarchies of the animals in question – elephants, toque macaques, Arctic foxes and mountain gorillas. These beasts mean business, if you’re not an alpha macaque, well, sorry, but you’ll probably die.


Cameras follow six baby animals as they learn the basic skills needed to face the challenges of surviving their first year on Earth. In Kenya, new-born elephant calf Safina learns how to keep up with her fast moving herd, and in Sri Lanka, one-week-old Jazir has to quickly learn the ropes of a primate society. At the edge of the Arctic, five-week-old fox cubs must learn to hunt before their siblings beat them to limited food, and in Uganda, an eight-week-old mountain gorilla adapts to forest life.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Wunmi Mosaku
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Producer James Hemming
Series Producer Dominic Weston
Education Nature