Locus Poenitentiae (Opportunity to Withdraw)

Series 2 - Episode 6 Locus Poenitentiae (Opportunity to Withdraw)



Fairley and Harrow are sent to the Outback to investigate a multiple-death car collision in Fairley's home town of Eurella Creek. When Fairley finds out that Harrow slept with Grace, he bluntly tells him he has a tendency to ruin people's lives. Harrow also learns that Fairley is a local hero for rescuing three children from a house fire in 1991, but still feels guilty about failing to rescue the fourth one. Maxine confronts Grace about not facing the demons of her past. Australian drama, starring Ioan Gruffudd.

Cast & Crew

Dr Daniel Harrow Ioan Gruffudd
Dr Lyle Fairly Darren Gilshenan
Dr Grace Molyneux Jolene Anderson
Stephanie Tolson Anna Lise Phillips
Bryan Nichols Damien Garvey
Fern Harrow Ella Newton
Callan Prowd Hunter Page-Lochard
Maxine Pavich Robyn Malcolm
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