Celebrity 5 Go Barging

Celebrity 5 Go Barging

Series 2 - Episode 1



Filmed before John Prescott’s recent stroke, he and four others go barging around Staffordshire on narrow boats.

Unsurprisingly, there are gags about sailing and snoring as well as some stupendous bank-crashing by Shaun Williamson; the always perfectly made-up Anita Harris consoles a tearful Amanda Barrie when she can’t find their mooring in the dark; while Michael Buerk turns out to be a bit nifty with the tiller. They seem a jolly crowd so there are no arguments (not even when Prescott is consigned to “economy class”, ie the bed in the kitchen).

If the mildly entertaining antics of middle-aged celebs float your boat, you’ll enjoy it.


Journalist Michael Buerk, actors Shaun Williamson and Amanda Barrie, singer Anita Harris and politician John Prescott unite for the gentlest of jaunts along Britain's most beautiful waterways, heading for the heart of Shakespeare country. After meeting and moving into twin narrowboats, the quintet discovers that there is a lot to learn about life on Caldon Canal in Staffordshire. Not only must they adjust to life in cramped conditions, but they must also learn how to steer a 60-foot hunk of floating metal. Despite both having Navy experience, John and Shaun keep crashing the barges and getting stuck.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Michael Buerk
Contributor Shaun Williamson
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Contributor John Prescott
Executive Producer Nicky Taylor
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