Ackley Bridge

Series 3 - Episode 5



Mandy may be confident that the school is in safe hands while she’s on maternity leave but I’m not so sure. Replacement head teacher Sian gets off to a good start by helping Sam and Cory, both of whom have been chucked out of their homes by their families. She also gives deputy Martin a friendly warning to be more careful about being alone with a student, advice she should heed herself, as it turns out.

However, this is mainly Cory and Naveed’s episode although all hopes of them becoming an item are dashed when Cory stupidly sleeps with his dad’s girlfriend. Naveed is devastated … but luckily not for long.


Cory is kicked out after being caught with his dad's girlfriend. Hoping for sympathy, he is amazed when Naveed is appalled. The friends fall out, leading Nas to take Naveed on a night out with a difference. He meets a guy who proves to be the perfect distraction from Cory. It's Mandy's maternity cover, Sian who scoops up Cory, but he oversteps the mark when he kisses her. Later, when Mandy gives birth, she feels overwhelmed and underprepared for motherhood, but luckily she has help from Kaneez.

Cast & Crew

Cory Wilson Sam Retford
Naveed Haider Gurjeet Singh
Sian Oakes Ty Glaser
Sam Murgatroyd Megan Parkinson
Candice Murgatroyd Emily Pyzer
Chloe Voyle Fern Deacon
Alya Nawaz Maariah Hussain
Kacey `Spud' Gartside Zara Salim
Mandy Carter Jo Joyner
Sadiq Nawaz Adil Ray
Hassan Hussein Hareet Deol
Nasreen Paracha Amy-Leigh Hickman
Martin Evershed Robert James-Collier
Rashid Hyatt Tony Jayawardena
Razia Paracha Nazmeen Kauser
Sue Carp Charlie Hardwick
Pawel Nowicki Szymon Kantor
Younis Iqbal Abdul Ahad Butt
Saleem Paracha Yaseen Khan
Riz Nawaz Nohail Mohammed
Hayley Booth Cody Ryan
Kaneez Paracha Sunetra Sarker
Lorraine Bird Lorraine Cheshire
Gemma Hunt Vanessa Pound
Kevin Wilson Steve Jackson
Tim Collins James Atherton
Mujahid Haider Kammy Darweish
Reece Murgatroyd Freddie Bolt
Adam Smith Sebastian Shaw
Grandpa Murgatroyd Steve Money
Sadia Haider Perveen Hussain
Shannon Burns Chloe Lumb
Tahira Abad India Parsan
Amina Mir Amina Arslan
Ken Weaver George Potts
Bimilinder Singh Bikran Gurmit
Amin Abad Hassan Mahmood
Neil Sykes Nathan Green
Dan Fairfax Harry Lodge
Mo Akhtar Abdullah Shahid
Waqar Abdelramen Arbaz Rashid
Zain Younis Zain Khan
Clint Northwood James Senneck
Jake Earnshaw Matthew Priestley
Matthew Barnes Luke Bayer
Director Rachna Suri
Producer Jo Johnson
Writer Adam Usden
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