The Day We Walked on the Moon

The Day We Walked on the Moon


As Neil Armstrong tried to land the lunar module on the Moon’s surface, several things went wrong. An alarm went off, showing the craft’s tiny computer was overloaded – it had all of 50kb of memory – and when he saw the landing site strewn with boulders, Armstrong pushed on to find somewhere better.

He had 60 seconds of fuel left… he had 30 seconds of fuel left… If he used too much, he and Buzz Aldrin would be stranded… But under extraordinary pressure, he touched down smoothly on the dust of the lunar surface.

Moments like that are brought to life in the latest of a string of recent documentaries capturing the extraordinariness of Apollo 11. This one has Armstrong and Aldrin’s sons reminiscing, as well as Michael Collins (who remained in orbit in the command module), several key Nasa ground crew – and the always eloquent Professor Brian Cox.


On July 20 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. This documentary reveals how he got there, using a combination of spectacular footage and interviews with key figures in the Apollo 11 mission, including astronaut Michael Collins, who piloted the command module while Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their historic moonwalk. Narrated by Mark Strong.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Mark Strong
Director John Moulson
Executive Producer Sue Summers
Producer Robert Neill