John Sturges

Series 3



This is one for the huge TV and the surround sound system. Film director John Sturges was a master of the western and he put that familiarity with sun-parched landscapes to good use in his 1955 thriller Bad Day at Black Rock when he set Spencer Tracy against a widescreen desert panorama.

However, one of his other famous films is what you’ll need those surround sound speakers for: you’ll want to crank it up for the rousing theme to The Great Escape. This profile of Sturges’s life and work covers them both, as well as that other classic of his, The Magnificent Seven. Time to play the “name the Magnificent Seven actors” game…


The return of the programme looking at respected film-makers, beginning by examining the life and work of John Sturges, best known for directing classics The Magnificent Seven, Bad Day at Black Rock and The Great Escape.
Documentary Arts